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Nikhil Kundra

Love this part: "I want to make all the mistakes and make them as soon as possible. It's like learning a foreign language as a kid- there's no better time to do it and you don't need any previous experience.

There are no promises for the success of this business but you know what? There are no guarantees with anything in life. I'm ready to see what comes now.

Never been more hungry and more foolish."

Inspiring. Got a lot of faith in you, Ben :)

K Bryan

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.
-some guy named Steve


Thanks Nik!


Morris Morrison

You know Ben, "captain dale wasn't scared to take his life vest off either. he just jumped." the best part about it was the fact that he inspired others to take action, simply by taking the jump himself.

I am interested in seeing how many lives you touch (or even SAVE), but simply following your gut and taking action. Most of the time our choices and decisions we make aren't even about ourselves, they are about the others that we will impact. I am certain that now, you have positioned yourself to impact many people than you already were, way beyond the clothes and fashion trends that your company will impact!

Get ready for the ride....!

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