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Morris Morrison

Screw it up? Of course not, that's called growth. And because I have the outlook on life that I do, I alway want people to realize that they too can have burgers, and then eventually steak. But the personal challenge for me is that I NEVER SETTLE, and I don't think that ANYONE ELSE should ever settle for regular dog food. But, some of the people who think that its okay to settle for dog food may also think that "motivated" guys like me need to tone it down a bit and stop being so "growth-oriented" -- to each his own.

If you want more, go after it. If you don't, then that's okay too, you just need to do two things: get out of the way of those that want to go after it, and most importantly, forfeit your right to complain about the results that you see in your life -- you aren't allowed to complain about how bad the dog food tastes!

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