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John Spence

Yes Ben - this happens in all areas of life -- a consistent and sometimes shocking extrapolation of the Pareto Principle, or 80/20 rule. In most companies 20% of people generate 80% or more of the profits. In volunteer organizations it is a time-tested understanding that 20% of the volunteers will do 80% of the work. So the question is of course then: What must you do to be in the 20%? Your suggestions of filtering and creativity are excellent – I would also FOCUS – as your filtering and creativity need to be focused in an area of "passion + competency" so that you will apply the discipline and effort needed to succeed at a high level – while still enjoying it. Great post - look forward to more - John


Thanks for the comment, John. Couldn't agree more. To meet our goals, focus is vital. The hard part is choosing the goals.

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