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Motivational Speaker Morris Morrison

Wow Ben, I love it! You are truly a gifted writer. If you can draw a complete visualization by utilizing a "hammer and nails" metaphor... I wonder what you will be able to do with your abilities when you become truly "UNLEASHED". Its a scary though dude, scary thought.

You are right. That is what Entrepreneur's do. They are resilient, they are resourceful, and they absolutely, positively, NEVER.... wait for someone else's permission to take action. Does motivation and inspiration fuel their ability to do it? Maybe. Perhaps. Perhaps motivation and inspiration may have nothing to do with it just as well. I wasn't the best Physics student when I sat in class, but I do remember my favorite fundamental aspect of life that I learned in my Physics class:

Mass (x) Acceleration = Force

YOU are the mass.
What YOU do with your life (choices you make, actions you take) creates MOMENTUM… OR ACCELERATION.
Force is the IMPACT that you make.

What types of choices and decisions are you making to "move" yourself into a better position to impact the world?
You must "do something" and keep it moving to make an impact.

I am convinced that when we just "do something", anything, there will ALWAYS be a reaction.
The definition of "Success" means something different to everyone. And whatever your definition of success is, whatever it is that you want to be successful in, if you want to be successful, you must do something.

Do something, anything.
There will always be some sort of reaction when you do something.
There will always NEVER be any response or reaction if you do nothing.

Morris Morrison

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